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Gentle slopes with superb and harmonious profiles stand out, dropping sheer to the Tanaro river. As far as the eye can see, rows of vines in succession, similar to lines on a music sheet. Barbaresco DOCG Bosca originates in this place beyond the boundaries of time and space.


Barbaresco red wine is famous in the world for its elegance, achieved thanks to a long refinement in oak barrels, that tames its tannic and austere nature.

Premi barbaresco




  • Little spicy soufflé, Spinach and ricotta flakes with a sprinkling of nutmeg, Polenta and mushrooms au gratin, grana flan on a bed of mushrooms
  • Tajarin and ravioli with truffle, various types of risotto with aromatic sauces, porcini mushrooms, red spices or with fresh herbs, nettles and with scented edible flowers as violets, potato gnocchi with butter and sage, or walnut sauce, or Castelmagno with poppy seeds or vegetables, macaroni with four cheeses
  • Braised meat, stracotti, roasted stew, spezzatino with potatoes, Rossini’s Turnedos (speciality with a famous and particular tradition)
  • Bruss of Langhe (tipical strong cheese), hard cheese (Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Montasio), spicy cheese as Bra
  • 16-18°C
The photo is indicative and the correct vintage is the one indicated in the data sheet.

Barbaresco DOCG


Data Sheet

  • Grape types


  • Production area


  • Color

    Garnet red with orange shades

  • Scents

    Winy with oaky scents, elegant and fine

  • Taste

    Gentle robustness, soft and dry, rightly tannic and well balanced

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 13,5% by vol.

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