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Mabel is obtained from the Barbera grapes of our hills, left on the vine until the optimal sugary maturation point is reached.

As the norms that regulate its production dictate, the Barbera d’Asti DOCG avails itself of the title of Superior also thanks to the aging time in wooden barrels. Already cuddled and pampered during winemaking, our Mabel, in fact, rests at least 12 months in tonneaux and barriques of French Oak coming from the Forests of Allier and Limousen.


With time, its taste and looks evolve: the color, from ruby red, will lose its intensity and turn garnet red; its intense and characteristic aroma will become more ethereal; the dry, rounded and full-bodied taste will grow with harmony and gracefulness; its acidity, ever so balanced as time passes by, that will favor the cleaning of the palate, and is the characteristic of the Barberas, will remain always and with no doubt well blended in and harmonic.

premi barbera superiore




  • Pastas with tomato sauce cooked with red meats, risotto with mushrooms, Barbera and gorgonzola, saffron, potato gnocchi with fused cheese, oven cooked pasta
  • Grilled red meats flavored with spices and herbs, game, grilled vegetables, white meats (roasted chicken, alla cacciatora), Stew
  • Typical cheese from Piemonte such as gorgonzola, Bross (or bruss), toma and raschera, spicy and aged cheeses such as the pecorino
  • 16-18 C°
The photo is indicative and the correct vintage is the one indicated in the data sheet

Barbera D’Asti DOCG Superiore


Data Sheet

  • Grape types


  • Production area


  • Color

    Ruby Red with garnet reflections

  • Scents

    Wine like with notes of leather, tobacco and cacao, elegant

  • Taste

    Very rich, dry and rounded with velvety tannins and optimal acidity

  • Alcohol content

    alc 14,5% by vol.

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