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What happens when the best grapes, cultivated according to the European Organic Agriculture criteria, meet the experience and the inventiveness of Bosca cellars masters?
The reply lies in the fine perlage of our dry sparkling wine Bosca Organic Buon Anniversary, a straw-yellow enchantment that evokes summer nights and sea breeze.

It can amaze for its intense aroma or its full flavor, yet it is impossible not to love this new version of Bosca Anniversary and to avoid getting caught by hand and dragged away to unknown places.

premi bio 07


  • Vegetables and fish also fried (Tempura), quiches with zucchini, asparagus souffle, puff pastry specialty with vegetables and mozzarella
  • Cannelloni with ricotta and spinaches, spicy chickpeas gnocchi, salty and tasty dishes like pasta or seafood soup, pasta with clams or peppered mussels
  • Chicken and light beef dish, hamburger
  • Lemon sole with quinoa and olive
  • Soft cheese as taleggio or Gorgonzola
  • Lentils with orange peel, black pepper and parsley, seitan meatloaf
  • Jam tarts and dry pastries or nuts
  • 8 °C
Bubbles of All Times

Buon Anniversary Bio


Data Sheet

  • Production area


  • Color

    Bright straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage

  • Scents

    Intense and fragrant

  • Taste

    Structured, intense and elegant, with good persistence and a nice freshness

  • Alcohol content

    Alc. 11% by vol.

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