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Buon Anniversary sweet sparkling wine was launched to celebrate Bosca’s 150th anniversary, along with its siblings Brut and Red, which it complements in its impeccable refinement.


Fermented in pressure tanks with the Martinotti method, it has a delicately sweet taste and a good acidity that makes it appealing to any palate.
The Buon Anniversary sweet sparkling wine bouquet is pleasant and delicate, while the color displays deep golden reflections.
9.5% alcohol content.


  • Sheep or goat fresh cheese, sweet potatoes cake
  • Pandoro, Panettone, pound cake, rsweet pumpkin ravioli and candied citron, crust pastry, redberry pears, nougat
  • 8-10 °C
Bollicine di Sempre Catalogo

Buon Anniversary Dolce


Data Sheet

  • Grape types

    Aromatic grapes not used to produce white wines

  • Production area


  • Color

    Bright straw yellow with fine and persistent perlage

  • Scents

    Aromatic and fruity flavors

  • Taste

    Warm and sweet, with a pleasant freshness sensation

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 9,5% by vol.

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