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Moscato is sweetness, forever. From today, this historic vine symbol of the provinces of Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria (UNESCO core) wears a new dress and brings its unique character even further.

Asti Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin Secco  is the new Bosca challenge: make Moscato the protagonist of trendy aperitif with its hints of sage and citrus and its balanced, pleasantly acidic taste.

Accepted challenge: the purest tradition, transformed into innovation, is already fascinating the world.


  • Vegetable crumble, grilled vegetable skewers, toasted bread with vegetable and fresh typical cheese scallops au gratin, octopus salad and vegetables cocked in oil, raw ham and avocado, speck
  • Light cheese ravioli with delicate and scented sauces such as butter and sage, pasta with spring vegetables and basil, linguine with fish/lobster
  • Cold chicken gelatin, scallops
  • Herring, steaming scampi, trout in aromatic sauce, juniper bream, gurnard “all’acqua pazza”
  • Fresh cheese like Robiola with chopped hazelnuts
  • Vegetable cakes (potatoes, spinach and cauliflower), puff pastry roll with chopped sausage, grapes, jujube and breadcrumbs
  • 8 °C
Bubbles of All Times

Five Stars Asti DOCG Secco


Data Sheet

  • Grape types

    White Muscat (100%)

  • Production area


  • Color

    From straw yellow to golden yellow with a persistent perlage

  • Scents

    Pleasant and characteristic notes of sage and citrus.

  • Taste

    Full-bodied, delicately dry, slightly sapid, and almond and grapefruit aftertaste

  • Alcohol content

    Alc. 11% by vol.

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