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The call to scents of green apple is very intense in this spumante.


Splinters of composed acidity tone down the sweetness of this skilful combination between the fruit and the wine and fermented malt base.
Fresh and clean in the mouth and to the nose, it has a delicate, paper-white color.
The Bosca-patented Multistap cap ensures that the bubbles are preserved, even after repeated openings.
Green Apple Sparkletini is also available in the Kosher version.


  • Straight, on the rocks or mixed to obtain refreshing cocktails (with vodka or gin or brandy).
  • Sheep or goat fresh cheeses, hot salamis, spicy dishes, even white meat based, with curry or sweet and sour sauce, salad without vinegar added with spices, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger or aromatic herbs coriander hot salamis.
  • Classic cakes like pound cake, cinnamon cookies, almonds muffins, lavender or anise ice cream.
  • 6-8 °C
Bollicine di Oggi Catalogo

Green Apple Sparkletini


Data Sheet

  • Color

    Brilliant bright white

  • Scents

    Green apple

  • Taste

    Sweet, fresh and fruity with good acidity

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 5% by vol.

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