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Moscato D’Asti DOCG is a pure testimony to our talent.
The grape-must fermented at low temperatures retains the sought-after aromaticity of the original grape variety, the white Moscato di Canelli.


Moscato D’Asti DOCG Luigi Bosca taste is sweet and lively, with fragments of fresh acidity.
The bouquet is decisive, with undertones of sage, citrus, rose petals and acacia flowers.
This Moscato, the pride and joy of the Piedmontese hills, is the worthy sibling of the Asti Five Stars spumante, with which it shares its Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin.




  • Salami with butter chips and raisins
  • Ethnic and spicy cuisine, hot foods
  • Pandoro or Panettone, Margherita cake, shortcrust pastry, raspberry crumble, nougat parfait covered in melted chocolate, apples with custard, amarettos , figs and melon, nut cake with moscato flavored hot zabaione
  • 8 °C
The photo is indicative and the correct vintage is the one indicated in the data sheet

Moscato D’Asti DOCG


Data Sheet

  • Grape types

    White Muscat (100%)

  • Production area


  • Color

    Bright straw yellow with fine perlage

  • Scents

    Pleasant and characteristic citrus flavors, peach and sage

  • Taste

    Sweet and round, good acidity, intense aromatic retro-olfactory sensation

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 5 % by vol.

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