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An extra dry sparkling wine made with Chardonnay and Pinot grapes  obtained by a skillful second fermentation in autoclaves pressure tanks with the Martinotti method.


The characteristic bright straw-yellow colour with hints of gold of this extra dry sparkling wine immediately brings to mind our sunny September hillsides.
The bouquet is rounded and enveloping with scents of apple and tropical fruit, full and soft with a honey finale, giving a complete experience to the palate.
The preciousness and the unique nature of this product from our region are proclaimed by its Controlled Designation of Origin.


  • Quiches, puff pastry specialty with vegetables, smoked salmon and asparagus rolls, veal with tuna sauce, ‘in carpione’ (vinegar marinated) meat
  • Pumpkin rice croquettes, tajarin (Piedmontese pasta) with butter and sage
  • Smoked salmon, crabmeat and avocado, hamburger and roasted peppers
  • Fontina cheese, “Robiola di Roccaverano” cheese
  • 8-10 °C
Bollicine di Sempre Catalogo

Piemonte DOC Bosca


Data Sheet

  • Grape types

    Chardonnay (Pinot 5% max)

  • Production area


  • Color

    Bright straw yellow with golden hue

  • Scents

    Pleasant and characteristic flavors, fruity

  • Taste

    Harmonious, delicate structure, clean minerality

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 12% by vol.

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