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Strawberries are perfectly matched with the typical base of all the Sparkletinis – wines and malt – all cleverly blended to produce this unforgettable plunge into the warmth of summer.


The bouquet is full, fresh and engaging, and manages to combine sweetness and acidity, making each sip an amazing experience.
Its beautiful ruby-red color accompanies our nose in recognizing the hints of our childhood holidays.
5% alcohol content.


  • Straight, on the rocks or mixed, perfect with salad and citrus fruits, sheep or goat fresh cheese
  • Strawberry rice
  • Panettone or Pandoro, pound cake, cheesecake or strawberry yogurt, strawberry or cream ice cream with white chocolate chips and mint
  • 6-8 °C
Bubbles of Today

Strawberry Sparkletini

COD: 000613

Data Sheet

  • Color

    Bright Red

  • Scents


  • Taste

    Sweet, fresh and fruity

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 5% by vol.

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