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A summer invigorating perfume encapsulated in a freshly scented sip of watermelon Sparkletini, which lively and funny cheerful taste reminds of warm and breezy summer beach holidays.


Once smelled, unmistakable notes of ripe juicy sugary fruit are released. Its fresh and sweet crunchy taste adding a balanced acidity is highlighted when in your palate.
Its typically pale pink color reminds of watermelon pulp.
The original Bosca patented Multistap cap is designed to preserve bubbles throughout time, allowing an unaltered tasting at each bottle opening.

Now available in cans. Click here for more details.


  • Neat, on the rocks, or as an ingredient for cocktails (vodka, rum or spumante). For the hot summer days, try serving it in emptied baby watermelons, and adding rosemary and lime juice
  • Perfect when eating a caprese salad with slices of watermelon and basil leaves; cottage cheese with fruit compote and red onion, sugar and mustard grains chutney; speck and salami cuts; spicy rocket salad with aromatic herbs such as mint or cherry tomatoes and cucumbers; rice salad with watermelon and primosale cheese cubes or chopped almonds
  • steamed or grilled shrimps, fish carpaccio, crabmeat
  • Drink it with “Gelo di melone”, a Sicilian recipe; watermelon pudding; melon and watermelon “aspic”, a jelly with spumante; lemon and mint cake, jams made with green watermelon rinds
  • 6-8 °C
Bubbles of Today

Watermelon Sparkletini


Data Sheet

  • Color

    Light rosé

  • Scents


  • Taste

    Fresh and delicate, the sour note attenuates the sweetness of the ripe fruit without altering the taste

  • Alcohol content

    alc. 5% by vol.

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