Our long history supplies us with the tools to press on successfully with our most risky enterprises. It spurs us on to the unpredictable future of daily actions that are never taken for granted. To reinvent each day all the sublime sensations stemming from the vibrant experience of spumante, and redefine each of the thousand astonishing facets of it.

Each new spumante originates from the union of the wine with passion and perseverance. Our most up-to-date products come from selected yeasts, natural flavours, aromatic plants and often some unexpected ingredients.

To achieve our objectives, which are always more and more stimulating, we combine experience and tradition with the most cutting-edge industrial technologies and our most fervid imagination.

Verdi, Sparkletini and Toselli originate from the thousands of tests and tasting sessions we carry out in our research and development laboratory, pursuing our ambition to stimulate everyone’s taste-buds; our fixed idea every day is that we will find a new way to make our sparkling world of bubbles appeal to those who have never been part of it and would very much like to.

We always dress up differently. We think very carefully about every detail of the outside appearance of our products as if they were in evening dress for a special occasion. The original Multistap cap, used on the more alternative products and patented by us, was designed to keep the pressure in over time, even after the bottle has been opened several times, and it also complies with our strict rules of elegance.

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