We invent all kinds of things. And we always try to bring them to life. Thanks to the constant work of our department of ingenious inventors and our extraordinary tasting team, delegated to check and evaluate everything we find most interesting and new.

Apart from our typical new products, we are especially proud of the studies on Ḥalāl products, which have brilliantly resulted, after a lot of effort, in Toselli Ḥalāl, as well as those on the Kosher for Passover guidelines, enabling us to extend the Kosher range to the sensitive period of the Jewish Easter. We have also made inroads into the vegan world and that of the many food intolerances.

Since research and development are our particular hobby-horse we also practise them through collaborations with the academic world so we can be at the leading edge in the scientific and technological field. Of these, we are delighted to mention our collaboration with the University of the Negev, in Israel, on research into the Muscats of the world, thanks to which the chemical differences of the 75 varieties of the Muscats in the Bosca Collection are being studied. The unexpected results contribute to increasing our exciting cultural baggage – an essential force to keep our ideas always up to date.

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