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Cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art machines and systems and highly advanced production techniques, in a production site of 95,000 sq. metres, are used to process our products.

There are two central themes in our work: tradition and invention. And there are two families of products stemming from these, with two production plants; although distinct and separate, each of them is a function of the other and each borrows techniques from the other. If certain innovative technologies have by now become consolidated on one side, they are used on the other as a futuristic avant-garde element. There are two bottling lines, and two cellar installations, with independent filters, tanks and autoclaves.

Skills and expertise have been well-honed over the years by invaluable workers who each day spend their lives creating our masterpieces with love and dedication – each worker with his or her own specialization.

In the 10,000-sq.m. warehouse, on tidy rows of coloured platforms our creations wait to be sent far and wide, along the thirteen loading ramps that open up to the world at large.

Because when it’s technique that makes the difference, we can do it.

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