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domenica 22 Agosto 2021 - 15:00 - 15:35

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Cantine Bosca
Via Giovanni Battista Giuliani 23

The Bosca Underground Cathedrals, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014, represent a real masterpiece of engineering and oenological architecture handed down over the centuries and generations. In these suggestive spaces is produced the most precious among the Bosca sparkling wines, the traditional method Riserva del Nonno. The production process still remains the one used by the master cellarmen in the past centuries, handed down from generation to generation. The guided tour includes an underground walk through the various rooms and along the naves, following a multimedia path that will make guests understand the meaning that these cellars have, and have had over the centuries, for Bosca and for the entire community. Inside the cellars, photos are welcome, but it is not possible to make videos of the multimedia contents, as it is absolutely forbidden to touch the bottles in production.
All personal details that will be requested and compliance with the conduct rules established will allow visitors to enter the cellars safely and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this enchanted place.

Green Pass

We inform our kind visitors that, from 6th August, entrance to our cellars for visits and wine-tasting will be allowed only in possession of the Green Pass.


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