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The Culture

We are very old! Thanks to our long life, we have been a point of reference for the generations that have succeeded one another in Canelli. A good many of the inhabitants of our area have had links with the company for one reason or another, out of friendship or interest. Our success has been due to their contribution, too, and we feel strongly the obligation to repay to society some of the good and the wealth we have achieved.

It is therefore natural that the heart of our world – what is today affectionately known by the community as the Bosca “Foresteria” – has been transformed into a civic meeting centre.

Luigi Bosca Centre for Culture and Art

The Luigi Bosca Centre for Culture and Art has the culture of wine in its genetic make-up. In exploring the many aspects of wine, it is insatiable in its pursuit of all expressions of knowledge: painting and sculpture, but also literature, philosophy, politics and theatre, right down to collecting. And it does so in an understated way, as is our tradition in the lands of Piedmont.

This is the driving force which makes our Cellars become silent witnesses of the meeting between each expression of culture and art. Thanks to this approach, the cellar has hosted concerts by Paolo Conte, Carlo De Bortoli, Susanna Ghione, Jörg Demus and the National Symphonic Orchestra of the RAI.

Severino Gazzeloni, Katia Ricciarelli, Renato Dulbecco, Amos Oz and Gustavo Zagrebelsky have also been present there.
In addition to this there is the publishing business dealing with the publication of some small volumes focused mainly on the study of local knowledge. Published works include the following:
“Come i pampini” (“Like vine-leaves”) by Ilio Marocchino, printed in 1993.

“Su queste colline” (“On these hills”) by Luciano Usseglio Tomasset, printed in 1996.

“La quadreria in cantina” (“The art-gallery in the cellar”) edited by Arabella Bosca, printed in 1997.

“Di Bosca in Bosca” (“From Bosca to Bosca”) by Dan Vittorio Segre and Maurizio Viroli, printed in 2000.

“Pensieri improvvisi” (“Unexpected thoughts”) by Luigi Agangi, printed in 2003.

Bosca Foundation

The frenetic nature of our business activity has not deflected us from the important things in life. Our Foundation came into being with the aim of promoting any proposal that could offer intellectual and moral guidance for the problems of the modern age and for initiatives that might give contributions of commitment, imagination and character.

Its ambitious aim is the ever-topical one of tackling inter-ethnic conflicts and the waves of migration that these have unleashed, supplying constructive ideas and proposals that might promote the peaceful coexistence of Mediterranean peoples.

The collaboration with Ethica, of which the Foundation is a co-founder, stems from the same educational principle: the ethics underlying all decisions in sectors of public life, economics and politics: offshoots of this are “Plato’s Cave” and “The Government of Self”.

The art collection in the Wine Cellar

Paulucci, Aimone, Peluzzi, Maccari, Casorati, Cremona, Manzone, Guglielminetti, Calandri, Mazzonis, Soffiatino, Licata, Chessa, Tabusso, Baj.

These are the names of some of the greatest Piedmontese painters whose works are housed in our permanent art exhibition, which originated with the idea that art should be exchanged for other art. We acquired all the masterpieces in the Collection by exchanging them for our own work of art: our spumante.

Our Art Collection is located in the art gallery that has also hosted diverse personal exhibitions over the years, starting with painters of international renown such as Runori, Calandri, Laustino and Mastallone, as well as sculptors like Spinoglio or set-designers like Giuglielminetti, whose works transferred gracefully from the Gallery directly into the Wine Cellar.

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