The Sparkling Wave

Bosca is sparkling. Constantly.

Every single action, every single thought, our ideas and organization, reflect a vivid sparkling spirit. Our philosophy and our approach to life, to work, to the market, and to the people are constantly characterized by our personal enthusiasm, able to overwhelm reality with a sparkling aura.

Bubbles can easily turn any occasion into a party. And our aim is to turn everything we touch into a celebration.

This way all our spumantes are sparkling, effervescent down to the last drop, surrounded by contagious happiness.

This way sparkling become also our wines, due to the passion, the commitment, and the strength we put in our vine growing activity, in following all production processes, and in cuddling its nectar from birth to ageing. A never stopping fermenting spirit.

This way sparkling become also our Underground Cathedrals – family heritage since the beginning and now Unesco’s World Heritage Site of Mankind too. For centuries they have witnessed our obstinacy to constantly look beyond the horizon in a glittering generation’s turnover of products and people.

This way sparkling become also our bottling lines, our tanks, our one hectare wide photovoltaic system: all contributing to our common target!

This is why sparkling becomes also our laboratory, flawlessly controlling the quality of our bubbles, as well as our research and development department, chasing and pursuing extravagant yet alternative and intriguing ideas and bringing them to life!

So all of us are sparkling too, each and every single day.

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