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Here you are in Bosca! It is really a joy for us to welcome you!

You are going to plunge into our Underground Cathedrals, named World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2014, an ancient masterpiece of engineering and enological architecture handed down from six generations.

Still today they are a magical place of work where our Cellar Masters perform gestures of perfection by cuddling the yeasts to complete the second fermentation which takes place in the bottle and produce the Bosca Classic Method.

You will take an underground walk along rooms and aisles.  In this ancient place that lived stories of incredible charm, you will be welcomed by words, gestures, sounds, scents, colors, and shadows to discover the poetry arising every day for almost 190 years.

Here is some information to understand how the visit is organized, so you can decide the time you want to dedicate!

The guided underground tour lasts about 40 minutes, a little toast at the end of the visit will keep us together for other 10 minutes. If you prefer to have a real tasting, just communicate it to the e-mail address

Afterwords, you may wander around in our Enotechina Aziendale, our shop, to give a look and possibly buy our products and some interesting gadgets to keep the visit to the Underground Cellars alive in your memory.

You may stay browsing as long as you wish  ..

Please be aware that along the way you will have to climb about 40 steps and for now we have no elevators. The temperature into the cellar is around 15 ° C all year long (a sweater is highly recommended!) The price of the ticket is € 6.00 per person and includes a small tasting of one of our products. Visitors under age will be our guests. Tickets will be refunded if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the time set forthe visit. Punctuality is very important in order to satisfy as many visitors as possible. In case you are late, we can’t always guarantee you a tour with the following group. We place limits on the number of visitors for each visit to ensure everyone’s safety. Of course, we will do our best to give you the possibility to make the tour, but if not, unfortunately we will not be able to refund your ticket. In any case, if you think to be late, please give us a call in order to look for a solution. Before the tour, we will need to collect your personal data and your consent to the mandatory rules of conduct in order to ensure maximum security. For this purpose, you are kindly asked to fill an online form before coming to the cellars and to read the regulations and the Privacy Policy on This procedure must also be followed for kids.

If you have any question or need further information, please feel free to write to

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