Spumante since 1831

We are passionate producers of spumante and wine in Canelli since 1831. Since then we strive to innovate through a constant research of new products on new markets. Our tradition, brainchild of 188 years’ experience, gives us the strength to daily reinvent our future. Thanks to a constant research of new and different products, we restyle the experience of the Italian spumante. Our consistent past allows us to create the most innovative evolution of traditional products so as to continuously surprise our consolidated customers and to attract those new consumers eager to join our sparkling world.

What is Sparkling?

Discover Evolution

Discover the world of Toselli, the pleasant alcohol free spumante, available as red and white. Discover Verdi and Sparkletini, available as white, rosé and in its fruit flavored line extensions. They all are part of Bosca’s last product generation, fun and carefree, designed and created to be opened and reopened several times, yet not losing a single bubble.

Discover Traditions

Memory is our everyday companion, and tradition is our most precious legacy. We treasure them every day to stimulate our imagination, to face up new challenges and invent fresh, young products.

Underground Cathedrals

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