"In 1854, in today's Piazza Solferino, in Turin, the Cora brothers opened Caffè Monviso. The men who would become fervid advocates of the Italian Risorgimento used to meet there. Why? To drink an aperitif.”

As you sip your drink, you think back to the week that’s coming to an end. It was tiring, but that's okay. Outside, the streets are teeming with people. Like you, they just got off work. Soon, everything will quiet down. Everyone will go home. You have the last sip. Your drink is over – it’s a pity. Nothing that can’t be fixed. You wave at the bartender and say: “Another Very Cora, please. Then I'll go home too.”

Very Cora

10,90 VAT included.


It blows once's mind. It was created in Piedmont, Italy. It went around the world. And became the most popular aperitif ever.

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